8XD25mm Black Bucky Bigs Large Neo Cube Magnetic Balls Toys

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Five times the rules of BuckyBalls. BuckyBalls is great. Do you know it will be bigger? Bigger ball! Now we have BuckyBigs - XL BuckyBalls. Boo - yeah!
Black Bucky large magnetic ball toy
Super strong, rare earth, magnet let you play.
Making sculptures, puzzles, patterns, shapes, jewels. The The Joy is endless.
Fully compatible with all other BuckyBall sets!
For adults only. - these super strong, should stay away from the child.
Diameter: 25MM
Use frequency up to 1000 times
Magnetized evenly
Magnetic 1600GS
Material density: 4.5
Remaining: 1.0 (T)
Curie temperature: 50-60 (℃)
Maximum energy products: 200-300 (KJ / m3)
Coercivity: (500 kA / m)
Intrinsic coercivity: 600 (KA / m)
Working temperature: 60 (℃)
Material: ferrite
Colour: Black
Package Contents:
1 SET X Black Buckybig
Original plastic box X 1

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